DRY FOG is Dust Suppression made in Swiss


When it comes to suppressing dust, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Identifying the right approach from the numerous choices available requires careful consideration of several key factors.

In dust suppression applications a liquid is sprayed to either capture dust from the air or to prevent dust from forming by damping a surface.

We do have experience in guiding clients in the right choice of dust suppression solutions in environments such as mines, construction sites, quarries, concrete plants, waste transfer stations and conveyor discharge sites. In doing so, we’ve helped our customers to drastically improve workplace safety, reduce wear and tear on equipment, improve community relations by eliminating or reducing dust in the surrounding area and increased efficiency.

With our experienced product experts that have found the right venturi nozzle design for hundreds of different applications we urge you to contact us to help you with your application even in URBAN ECOTECHNOLOGY where in the urban contest we do mitigate the PM2.5 up to 99.5% of efficiency.

Hygroscopy is the ability of a substance to attract water molecules from the surrounding environment through either absorption or adsorption.

Materials and compounds exhibit different hygroscopic properties, and this difference can lead to detrimental effects, such as attraction and concentration between materials in the dust. The agglomeration and precipitation by gravity of the dust can be affected by ambient moisture, to  be considered also dust components coefficient of hygroscopic expansion (CHE) (also referred to as CME, coefficient of moisture expansion) or coefficient of hygroscopic contraction (CHC). The capacity to attract the dust particles and glue them together in a bigger grain not dangerous anymore for health it is our efficiency.

Fog Lamps does generate micro drops. The dimensions of the water drops must be around 90 microns to obtain maximum efficiency and considering evaporation along the 10 meters throw of each Fog Lamp.

The special nozzles of the Fog Lamp does generate the ideal drops size, Fog Lamps they are unclogging, Fog Lamps have a long wear life (circa 7 years) and Fog Lamps are also acid resistant.

Researchers have found that the Fog Lamps best operating pressure is at 5 bar working pressure.


DRY FOG utilizes only 100 psi of compressed air. This low pressure operation allows the use of flexible plastic piping making the installation fast and easy. More importantly, the low pressure and non heating mechanism eliminate any human safety factors, and does not require any regulations.

All Dry Fog systems utilize less than 2 AMPs of 24 V DC at their control unit only. This eliminates any human hazards, and makes the installation easier.


Fog systems are equipped with a CPLC controller which utilizes our propriety intelligent algorithms to identify the most efficient way to generate the required humidity for any given environment.


The Dry Fog technology injects Oxygen into every droplet dispensed. Dry Fog Technology reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process. The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion. Dust and air borne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles and spores are attracted to the Dry Fog droplets by adhesion and are oxidized. In order to achieve 100% dust suppression, droplets smaller than 5 microns must be in the air. Droplets of 5 microns or larger naturally retract air particles, and doesn’t suppress small dust and other air borne particles. Dry Fog technology provides even 4.2 micron droplets which are ideal for 100% dust suppression.

Dry Fog aids in the reduction of dust and air borne bacteria/viruses from the air. Dry Fog offers:






Water evaporates only from the surface of the droplet. If the surface area of the droplet in relation to the volume of water is decreased, then the evaporation efficiency is increased. The smaller the droplet size, the longer it can stay air borne. Therefore, the smaller the droplet size the fastest and efficient evaporation is achieved. The 4.2 micron droplets created by Smart Fog® systems evaporate completely into the air before reaching any surface. Smart Fog® has achieved 100% evaporation rate, achieving 100% water efficiency. DRY FOG DOES NOT MOISTEN THE EXPOSED SURFACES

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